Relationship Problems? Hypnotherapy Can Help

Relationship problems Hypnotherapy Can Help

Research evidence emphasises how important relationships are to wellbeing (e.g. Barry & Daubney, 2017). The good news is that hypnotherapy can help to fix relationship issues.

You are not defined forever by your past, but it can be really helpful to realise when problems with relationships as an adult can stem from problems with relationships in the past. Once the root of the problem is identified, you can use hypnotherapy to fix the root of the problem. It’s much less trouble to put right than you might think.

Sometimes the pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours a person develops from childhood are repeated in adulthood. It is usual for people with such experiences to experience various problems, such as anger management issues, substance abuse, depression, and may seek hypnotherapy for anxiety or stress-related issues. Although some people look for stress management programmes to deal with these issues, one of the best methods is hypnotherapy. The best couples counsellors and best hypnotherapists in London will no doubt be of help. The only thing I offer you that others don’t is a unique programme I developed that helps resolve adult relationships by healing childhood attachment issues. This programme has been published in a peer-reviewed journal (see below). I would encourage other therapists to adopt this programme and to seek to publish the results for others to see.

If you would like to find out how I can help you with your relationship issue, please get in touch.


Barry, JA; (2012) Treating relationship problems in adulthood by using guided imagery to modify the influence of childhood attachment schemas. The Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis, 34 (1) pp. 15-35. Full text is available here

Barry, J. & Daubney, M. (2017). The Harry’s Masculinity Report

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