Hypnotherapy Online (Skype) or by Phone

Hypnotherapy Online Skype or by Phone in Central London

I am delighted to announce that I am extending my hypnotherapy practice to include delivering hypnotherapy by Skype (or VSee) and phone. This will be more convenient for many people and offer a discount on the usual fee. Whether you need hypnotherapy for anxiety, or stop-smoking hypnosis, using the internet will be preferable to some people.

When you want to change something about your life, it is sometimes a good start to get out of your familiar surroundings. Visiting me at my pleasant clinic (which is very clean, comfortable, modern etc) is the ideal place to start making changes. However, there are several reasons why online or phone therapy might suit you better:

  • There is no travel, which means a saving of travel time and travel cost. This will be much more convenient for people living in rural areas, or who are disabled, or who have anxieties about travelling etc.
  • It’s easier to book a time that suits you
  • The fee is reduced a little for sessions via Skype or phone.

So what do you need for online or phone hypnotherapy? The most important thing is that you are in a quite place where you won’t be disturbed. A small amount of background noise is ok, but sudden loud noises or people entering the room unexpectedly will not be ideal. It should also be a place that you feel that you can talk freely and comfortably in, and a place where you have a reasonably comfortable chair where you can sit during hypnotherapy. Sessions need to be paid for in advance (details at bottom of page).

You should bear in mind that there are potential disadvantages of hypnotherapy by Skype or phone:

  • The signal might not be good, which might impact therapy. If we do the therapy by Skype or VSee I can’t guarantee the quality of the connection – it is a risk that the client takes and part of the reason that the fee is reduced. However,
  • if we use VSee the connection is usually very good (see free download here ). However, if the signal isn’t so good (as might happen using Skype) the quality of the hypnotherapy might be reduced accordingly. For example, if the sound quality is disrupted and you cannot hear me properly, this will impact how effective the treatment is. Similarly, if I can’t see or hear you properly, this impacts how well I can do therapy too. This is a risk that the client takes and part of the reason that the fee is reduced.
  • VSee is a secure way of communicating, but Skype is not secure. Although the risks are minor, any impact on confidentiality of data or communication is a risk that the client takes and part of the reason that the fee is reduced.

Additional disadvantages of hypnotherapy by phone

  • Hypnotherapy is not simply a talking therapy, but also involves the therapist observing physiological changes in the client (e.g. rate of breathing). The absence of visual signals reduces the quality of the interaction, and potentially reduces the effectiveness of the therapy.


Most people find that the very best experience is to come to my clinic in Central London and experience hypnotherapy one-to-one. However for people who live outside London, or who work night shifts, or are disabled etc, having the chance to experience hypnotherapy online or by phone is a good second option.

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