Hypnosis for Depression

Hypnosis for Clinical Depression & Anxiety in London

Find out how hypnosis can free you from the burden of negative feelings and thoughts

One of the books that have had the most influence on my work is Dr Michael Yapko’s When Living Hurts. In this book, he outlines the specific ways in which hypnosis can be used to treat depression.

A word of caution first: it is always a good idea to see your GP (or family doctor) if you suspect you are experiencing clinical depression. In my practice, I deal with mild (some would say subclinical) levels of depression, rather than severe cases, which should in the first instance be handled by a psychiatrist, most likely with medication. Bipolar/manic depression is not best treated with hypnosis, and psychiatric advice should be sought.

For people with less severe depression, hypnotherapy can be very helpful. For example, in one of my studies, I found that a very modest intervention, not unlike some stress management programmes in London, produced statistically significant reductions in depression and anxiety (Barry et al, 2017).

Whatever the cause of your depression, hypnotherapy can offer a pathway by which your issue can be resolved. Depression can be a complex issue, so the best way to start to deal with it is by talking to a professional. I offer a free initial consultation of 20 minutes duration, which is usually enough time to clarify how much benefit you can expect to gain from hypnotherapy.


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